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"Ode to Ants"

Community project.-

Thinking about ants and the infinite expanse of life in the minimal, the idea to create a small shrine to the ants came from a community project specifically devised to collect elements from nature to tell stories.

The shrine was placed outside, next to banana plants, bamboo trees and other woody plants and it was regularly visited by ants, who explored it thoroughly.


Ants employ heuristic information to find food. Once they leave the nest, they find the best path to food, sometimes a pheromone trail left by other ants, then they make their own pheromones over the trail. The quality of the pheromones will dictate whether it will be then used by other ants or not. 

*Barkcloth made from the Paper Mulberry tree, bamboo sticks, naturally dried banana leaves, sewing thread, shells, rocks, leaves.

Photography: Luana Kim

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