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Born in Argentina

Lives and works in Taiwan 


Marina Burana is an Argentinian painter and puppeteer/puppet builder based in Taiwan. She is also a writer, a barkcloth maker, a performer and a facilitator of participatory art projects for different types of communities.


Often inspired by literature, memories and the natural world, Marina explores painting as a narrative of longing and remembrance, conjuring an intimate storytelling that extends to the universality of being humans and being intrinsically connected with one another as part of nature. 


Marina makes barkcloth from the Paper Mulberry tree to build her puppets and performs with them, mainly for adult audiences (sometimes for younger audiences too). She is interested in all forms of puppetry, particularly the intersection of shadow puppets, object theatre, moving panoramas and pop-ups. 


She has exhibited in public and commercial galleries in the US, the UK, Australia, Taiwan, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Italy and in museums such as Tamsui Historical Museum in Taipei and in the Museum of the City of Móstoles, in Madrid. As a writer, Marina mainly focuses on writing fiction in English and in Spanish. She has published three books of short stories and her poems, works of fiction and nonfiction appear in various anthologies, journals and magazines. Her plays (with and without puppets) have had stage readings and full productions in the US, UK, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, Peru, Portugal and Taiwan. 

Marina often plays her violin/viola in her performances.





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