2014 Real Fictions, MASMEDULA Publishing House (illustrations, short stories, poetic prose). 

2008 Of Writers and Miseries, EL ALEPH Publishing House (short stories). ​

2007 To Merlina, AL MARGEN Publishing House (short stories). ​ 


2019 "I kept a country in a box..." (poem, audio, watercolour drawing), 

Read here: Construction Literary Magazine


Burst (language: English)

Full-length play FOR FOUR ACTORS

This is the story of a couple, Robert and Michelle, and Michelle's intellectually disabled cousin, Adam. On the surface, they lead a quiet life, till reality settles upon an inexorable truth. Inspired by William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, this play searches ways of telling the untold and finding a story of betrayal, loneliness, loss and failure in communication through voices that pulsate with repressed anxiety and deep-rooted resentment.


The Singing Leaf (language: English)

Full-length play FOR THREE PUPPETS [inspired by the Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo]

A leaf, a peephole, a tiny story of the uncanny. 


Last Quarter Moon (language: English)

Full-length play FOR SEVEN ACTORS

Stephanie, a lover of fairy tales and children's books, wants to reach for the Moon. To do it, she gets together a spirited group of dysfunctional dreamers. This is the story behind the fairy tales, a friendly ode to dream and reality.


Heads and Tails (language: English)

Full-length play FOR FOUR ACTORS

Based on a true event, this play tells the story of Reginald Walden, a very smart physicist with schizoid personality, who is in prison in Argentina after being accused of smuggling cocaine. He claims to be the victim of a honeytrap sting which involved a suitcase, a beautiful model and a trip to Latin America.


Sfumato (language: English)

One act play FOR FOUR ACTORS

In a sort of Pirandellian fashion, four characters are looking for a way out of a situation that involves a dead body, da Vinci's sfumato technique and a world full of questions.



2014 The short story "Hacia el otro lado" was published in the book "Doble en las rocas" Letralia magazine. VENEZUELA.

2013 The poem “Al hombre” was published in the book "Alquimia de la tierra, antología heterogénea de poesía, poética y microrrelato". Huelva University. SPAIN.

2013 Several poems were published in the anthology "El decir textual 2013. Antología I" De los cuatro vientos Publishing House. ARGENTINA.​

2011 The text "Mujer en las sombras" was published in the book “Algo que decir XIV. Latidos contra la violencia de género”. Editorial Ateneo Blasco Ibañez, SPAIN.

2011 The short story “Escritores” was published in the book "Poética del reflejo" Letralia magazine. VENEZUELA.

2010 The poem “Esta ciudad” was published in "Antología de Letrarte 2006-2009", Encuentro Internacional de Escritores en la ciudad de Tucumán, ARGENTINA.




[in English]


Centered on Taipei (Taiwan), The Brooklyn Voice (USA), Construction Literary Magazine (USA), Debris Journal (New Zealand), Munyori Literary Journal (Zimbabwe), Panditfootball (Indonesia).


[in Spanish]


Esto no es una revista (Argentina), El caimán barbudo (Cuba), Arena y Cal (Spain), Letralia (Venezuela), Narrativas (Spain), El reflector (Argentina), Babab (Spain), Opinión Sur Joven (Argentina), La Avispa (Argentina), Crítica (Chile), El Atlántico (Argentina), La Trastienda (Argentina), Remolinos (Argentina), Axolotl (Argentina).